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  • Product Name : To Sell Knife grade transparent
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  • Main composition

    Unsaturated Polyester Resin         Peroxide            filling

    Color :transparent ,cream,white etc.

    Main Characteristic:

    Cure in short time (the exact time depending on application temperature).

    Can be operated in cold or hot weather (-10~45)

    Various colors for all kinds of stone, such as transparent, cream, white, black, red, etc.

    Can be used for polishing after the adhesive been cured.

    Shelf Life

    12 months shelf life when stored in cool places and good packed


    Do not return the mixed glue to the original packing, close the cover when store in cool, ventilate and dry place, away from the heat & kindling.

    Do not operate in wet circumstance or it will cause sticky on the surface.

    Over dosed hardener (more than 3%) may cause the color change of the colloid and reduction of adhesion.

    High temperature (<50) may cause the color change and reduction of adhesion .

    Do not exposure to wetting and freezing temperature too much.